Project Features

  1. Luxury living in 5Star apartment Hotel; metropolitan Istanbul
  2. Glamorous living in VIP residence; Wish Istanbul Residence
  3. Destination living and not a building.
  4. Natural landscape gardens at roof of bedroom levels.
  5. Nishantash style street dining and entertainment.
  6. Exclusive shopping strip and arcade.
  7. One stop destination.
  1. Towers stands out above all buildings in the area.
  2. Building that is new landmark in Istanbul
  3. Building that is dynamic at night and day.
a. Metropolitan Istanbul provides the residence with exclusive restaurants and room service in5star hotel style as well as;
  1. Exclusive security control entrances with reception dest at street level entrance.
  2. Valet parking service.
  3. Outdoor pool in shape of natural lagoon complete with waterfall and deck.
  4. Private garden areas
  5. Indoor pool at basement level.
  6. Turkish bath and spa at basement level.
  7. Panoramic gym at floor 26.
  8. Roof top restaurant and club at floors 39 and 40 ;
  9. Garden restaurant and club;
  10. All day dining restaurant at hotel lobby level.
  11. Available storage space for each apartment at the basement level.
  12. Available car parking spaces at basements and street levels
  13. 28 luxury penthouse apartments above floor 35.
b. Wish Istanbul Residence provides exclusive glamorous life style with its own private;
  1. Luxury double volume lobby/reception and lounge
  2. Outdoor infinity pool 70 meters above sea level that provides panoramic view of the urban drama of the surrounding area day and night
  3. Outdoor children playground in secure area at garden level.
  4. Private garden areas at roof of bedroom.
  5. Indoor pool in basement level.
  6. Gymnasium in basement level
  7. Turkish bath and sauna at basement level
  8. Games room at garden level.
  9. Party room/lounge at 26th floor.
  10. 32 luxury penthouse apartments above floor 35.
  11. Available storage space for each apartment at the basement level.
  12. Available car parking at basement and street levels